Sometimes huge distractions arise in the work place that cause a decline in work productivity. It is important not to let these distractions disconnect you from your work. There are ways you can avoid and/or reduce those distractions to increase your work productivity. 

1. The first seems a little obvious. Find a way to shut yourself out from noise distractions that are decreasing work productivity. If the distractions are that of noise maybe put in headphones and play some music or try to drown out the sound by starting to give an extreme focus on the task at hand. This can help to drown out sound around you, temporarily making your ears deaf to surrounding distractions. 

If the distractions are visual, find a way to turn towards a wall or even develop a cubicle type structure to be able to focus on your work. This will reduce visual distractions and increase work productivity.

2. Organize your tasks. Develop a systematic structure for completing your tasks. Make a layout with a structure on how to break things down into simpler tasks. If you find that a task is too large, break that task down into even smaller tasks. This can help you micromanage each simpler task and this can greatly increase work productivity.

3. Cleaning your work area can make you greatly less distracted from your work. If you find yourself easily distracted then it might be a great idea to remove those distractions from your work area. Work place cleaning maybe seems a little unnecessary, however, you may start working or looking at past work and find yourself very easily getting sidetracked.


4. Reduce contact with coworkers when you know you have a very heavy work load and/or fast approaching deadlines. Sometimes it may seem out of your control but you have do have some control when it comes to coworker interactions. You can keep interactions brief while being perfectly polite to any of your coworker and your supervisor. Be a little passive in conversations and you might just find that people will leave you alone more. Don’t make as much eye contact as you might on a usual basis if you know you have lots of work. Eye contact can create interactions

5. Set aside proper amounts of time for your work. Never procrastinate your work. This is a crucial method in increasing your work productivity. You’ll get more work done, and done on time if you meet all of your work deadlines on time and in a timely manner. If the deadline is two weeks away it is good to have it done in half that time. You’ll find that you’ll have more time to focus on each individual thing after the previous if you simply focus on each thing for a straight amount of time. This includes making sure that during the time you set aside for yourself to work on a specific task you will be working on only that task.